Riddle me this?

Hardest to heal after bout of Cellius deep red leg, swollen foot or blistered Arse. The leg I will elevate. Foot will lay on floor with foot higher then my heart starting today to clean bad blood out of. See I worked for thirty two yeara standing on my feet most for people with cushy […]

We in general…

Are a throw away society Unless those that are older have money.People Overlook then the inferror age is! That’s bullshit.I was Seen as Guilty of the lies of an older half sister of ELDER ABUSE I must be guilty of it Val Heike, was in my fifties,Gay, a fulltime student working for a better life […]

Gaslighting tool of a narcississ

Consists of lies to control Stockholm syndrom! I was lied about. Mom was harrassed and bullied.What would you do? I know what I will do. She knows in her heart what I’m going to do. My half sister took my good name and tosses it away as if it was hers to di as she […]

Watch “Father Jim from Saint Patricks Catholic Church,December 2014,Waukon,Iowa 52172” on YouTube

Are people just for filling holes in others life?

I feel without a vehical my worth is invisible. Judy puts it this way I have reserved athe day for you. Pat says What was it you needed today? See the difference its not very big. Where are those seeking a smile and a heart . I miss my mom. Lied a out of her […]

The darndess thing

Last two nights that ungodly pains back in my right scapula and my cough. Went to Wisconsin yesterday with an adoptive sister. Praire du Chin Wisconsin use to bring me great joy yeaterday just buckets of sadness. I was thrown away by my family. I never thought my family could crush my heart . I […]

How does one forget?

Does it happen all the time? Is it legal to use family to force your family to simply stop acknowleging innocent family members? Is this done daily? It happened to me. No one raised an eye brow they simply allowed the lies to murder a gay family member this is a mondern day hate crime. […]


When things sound and feel incorrect they are.I was once told that hitting someone would make them orgassum faster.I have never struck anyone except once my three year old nephew Craig across his ass. It was during the time of unrest at my kid sister’s home Craig her youngest picked up the term ‘Fucker from […]

June Sweeney of Waukon Iowa

Suffered for years with a bad knee was told she was too young for a knee surgery! Football and basketball players mere children rate the surgery from injuries but adult women are told. 1. Physical fitness with insurance you have to have 16 weeks bending and suffering 2. Injection that just stretch the nuscle around […]

Bully or ….

Are you happy Ellen Beth Heike, you stood by a woman’s lies. Ellen allowed our mom lied into believing Diana’s Gaslight lies. I don’t believe in Karma I believe in me. Know that one day you will feel my rath. You Ellen Heike stold my family and mom. Dr.P is sending me all Diana’s lies […]