How can a mom allow lies


Twisting the truth

One minute May 2018

Mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike wanted to talk to me

Dr.Pillsbery recieve another email

Diana knew my number

In December she had lied me into oblivion

By February my mom

My beat friend

Told a cop after my third wellness check

Not having seen my mom since taken out of the Good Sam at 8 am in 26 degrees below zero January 6th 2015

February 2019 her second daughter me

Dead to my mom

Nothing lonier then lonliness

A pit open where once a heart warmed

No one to share feelings with




A place is not a home

Standing on a screen in porch

Gazing across a bay

Cool breeze that cuts through

A fishing pole in hand

Bundled up

Cousins all around

1940 old red pickup

Player piano

Ellen banging away

‘Blackbird,How ya gonna keep em down on the farm and Jingle bells

No skin showing

A summers night illigally saining

Bear Lake on Chippawa River

A canoe

Peace in soul

Mom a voice a way

A old school bell clangs

How could my family

Tear me up so

What happen to them

All I did was come out

Im still me

Their not talking to me hurts more

Vinigar in my wounds

I’m bleeding where my heart once was

A room

One black cat

This is not home

No warmth lay in the fire place


Bloody hands

(817) 243-9366

Diana Lee Dudley

Granbury Texas