Chapter 25a,The Cat,The Quilt and the Corpse by LeAnn Sweeney

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My hopeless cave

My hopeless cave

Feelings of lost

Burning sinsation of lost worthlessness

Thats how I feel when I momentarly drop my ball

My balls my goal

Reason to push me

That cave is my sadness

Its empty there and nothing survives

Especially me

Thats gloomy me today

Shake it off!

When others try to push and shove me

Refusing to see I am not my sisters victim any longer

No one’s rubb

I have had my moan

Now for tea

Back to the books!

I will always be thankful Pat had been my friend

Loosing a friend like her was loosing my family and mom all over

Didn’t survive before

My survival to achieve my goals

Can’t help others if I fail


School loans

Too funny sad

Returned to college at Fifty

Really is a younger person’s trip

No responsiblities sirt of thing

I drove Amish for gas to go to school

Tended garden for my mom,cooked and washes

Fulltime Math major

Studied most of the night

Got mom food started coffee

Two O eight after a final

Biking home

Cross walk eighth avenue n fifth street

My tenspeed was struck by ninety three year old retired attorney traveling twenty five mpr

August eigth two O eight four p.m.

Gay O day

Fifty year old flew wedging in front window

When ninety three retired attorney’s car stopped

Like super woman

Righted myself

Iowan flew headlong

Into concret

Picked up like humpty dumpy

Tied to a board whisked off to Waukon Veterin Memorial

Wrist set

The night

No CT scan


Seven O’clock standing by my mom

Cooking our dinner

Not even kept over night

Two fourteen

No degree for student unable to pass out of Statistics

Owe eighty grand

Need a used SUV so I can work

Like the energiser bunny I keep on

Dropped no classes!

No work

No money

I keep trying

All anyone can do

Kerp moving forward

End of Chapter 5-7,Case of missing of Marquess by Nancy Springer

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