I know a book will touch others by my Hallmark rule

Reading the discription makes me chill and tear up books like that fit into my criteria of things I read on my Youtube channle Val’s Whitewolf Media channle.

I never saw any of the game of thornes. The author stirs all kinds of emotion from me. Come and check me out sometime I read books and do commontary in folksy Iowan Virgonian Wisconsonite.

A door closing shutting others out is …

Like a lie

Lies are festering



Puss emitted fort

Narcississit cause others trusted –



Back against the door

Unaware of the injury


Death caused by the words of the habitial liar

Like flies to honey

Buzzing around liars

Liars take trust of those they spread the infection like passing the buck

Family and friends who know better

These trusted loved people

I imagined always saw me

Me the victim

Not the lie that because I was tall and gay I was an abuser

Funny the Narcississist is the daughter of the wife beater

All things I was accused of the narcississ excelled at

Open the God damn door

Its been five nearly since I saw my sister just nineteen years away

She sits behind the door

Ell hears all the documentation of the vile veminist snake

Telling Ellen the same lies

Gaslighting our mom

Stockholm syndrome

Children are not the only ones locked up

Narcississ whip their base

No one stands up to bullies

Why for christ sakes

Its God damn lonily fighting to be heard

Hidding get your Heike Ass out and enjoy the love

Your my blood sisyer who told me in spring of 2015

At 405 2nd street n.e.,

Waukon,Iowa you knew I was innocent

Then next breath you told me you could do naught about it

Ellen were ypu paid

Not to care about our mom

You knew she Never wanted to leave Iowa

Ellen did you really tell Dian you DID NOT WANT MOM?

I guess I’m the only Heike as brave

As brave as my grandpa

Paul John Andrew Heike

First sargent WWI

France trench Medical Corps

Who came home and married out of love Agnes Kleeman Heike

A Yiddish girl.

That takes guts

In Waukon a mixed marriage was

A Catolic with a


My sweet intelligent best friend my mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike tomorrow July 1st dad and mom were married in 1956. I miss you mom with my whole heart.

Watch “Youtube Content Providers ‘thought on music on a video'” on YouTube

Experience shared is like free education.

Why is it when I ask on Goggle where to seek a mature lebian friend Goggle Twists friendship to sex or porn!

We are like men who just seek other people they can feel comfortable with.Someone to hang with. We all seem to talk our own jargon. Im seeking Judith Dench.

Intelligent non smoker learned goal oriented to spend time with. Why is that the thing that appears make men wet. Women should have the right to seek friends without going to a site that turns into porn.

Im a vehicaless entrepreneur writer with goals and asparations. Good night.

Saying we are Gay is not depraved any more then you beong hetorosexual. Its a damn shame if people like mt half sister who believes a gay sister os a tool and expendable!

My LGBTQ community deserve the same opportunities straight people have and that goes to our friendships. I have never met a woman for friendsgip I’d care to risk that frienship for a sex mate.

Are people just for filling holes in others life?

I feel without a vehical my worth is invisible. Judy puts it this way I have reserved athe day for you. Pat says What was it you needed today?

See the difference its not very big. Where are those seeking a smile and a heart . I miss my mom. Lied a out of her life. I miss someone especially late at night when something I heard or recalled wants to be shared but theres no one.

I miss my mom telling me she loves me. 91 Ninety one no voice for American innocent of the lies that over and over bullyied mom into giving uo and removing me from my moms will.

It only took one more year to convience my mom,MY MOM that I could not be bothered to call my mom! A tool of a narcississ GASLIGHTER IS CONTROL MAGIC JACK ALLOWS STOCKHOLM SYNDROME total control!

Wheres poor entrepreneur writer’s legal assistance please before mlms dead help me rescue my mom and teturn my goodname. Life is so empty for us. Are Americans kept from there families of less value then others?

I think not!

Families are not tools to be tormented and thorn away so bullies in form of sisters can force their elderly parents so the narcississ GASLIGHTER can financially rape that parent plus remove their children for the narcississ personal gain!

Attention span, Youtube content providers

Dr.Erness who I had for Religion and Russian history in college smart now retired professor in northern Iowa attention span of a human usually is 5 to 10 minutes.

The good Doctor if history filled his classes with tons of information in 5 to 10 minute segments.

Im trying to keep my segments of videoing to 5 to 10 minutes also niw. Youtube wants us to have 30 or more minutes. People will view the end of something if a Chapter is 36 minites and your camera on your smart phone will max. Record 32 minutes with over hang.

See its the over bits that people will hear. Totally missing like Professor Needham use to call it the meat and potatoes.

That’s silly you might think.Trust me I have recorded long and shorts. Short clips are more time condumming. But Youtube is about viewers.

Earthly remains

Ellen Heike Mathis Heike

My remains ashen and burned lied to with out voice to set mom or me free

I want poured in to Cub Lake in Sawyer County your owe me this.Could not stand for your innocent sister.You allowed mom to be bullied and lied to.You Ellen allowed Diana to stop me from talking to my mom.

I cared for mom most of my life then YOU THREW ME AWAY! I was a fulltime disabilied student working on a degree driving Amish for gas money to go to school to get my degree so I could teach college history and mom Marian D. Bittenger Heike and I would have an easier life.

Ellen you were only at the house once in 2011 when diana brought you to the house while you sorted through Our bought and stored food like we were GOD DAMN CHILDREN! I was trained and certified in food serbice you were mot neither of you. Three out our food left No money to replace it.You were No better then Diana daughter of a wife beater.

How do you do it Ellen have family gatherings do you simply forget you have one blood sister! Did you loose all our lovely things including the lovely Tiffany tall $350 lamp I bought mom?

Where’s grandma’s paintings.One of these days I will be living in Allamakee. I miss you and Im ashamed of you.

You and Diana murdered mom and me. Tell that to my beautiful nephews and your god!