I’m a reader

Hello Its not a hobby its my job as a writer to learn to be better at my craft. I read and on my next Resume that’s what I will list as my present and currant job. I don’t get paid a currency but a complement now and then except from my best friend and mom who when push come to shove I was unable to protect from hate.

No lawyer for the innocent gay and poor so mom and I both suffer.

Im an Out Gay woman writer whose family used hate to force mom after a set fire from our home in Waukon Iowa. Wonder how many other crimes in small town America slip by law enforcement eyes. I have just a free days before the last time last June my half sister and my younger sister excapes again justice in Iowa.

So without money to help me and other Iowa poor I waste no time reading 20 hours a day on my Youtube Channle with a terrible cold. Just reading on Val Whitewolf Media.

Success is

Why is it hard? America should want Americans to thrive in Poverty is not thriving! Without a vehical or viable transport makes a nation if takers.

I have sought work to start my business working toward owning my own farm for years and yet people act like I’m not accomplished anything.


Don’t look into my life and imagime you have the right to call me a coward!

Life partner sought

Loves sitting on a dock fishing

Watching clouds

Understands the beauty of falling leaves in fall in northern Wisconson

Knows what saning is

Loves being cooked for

Hearing thoughts that make no sound

Open heart

Sees animals and children with love

Does not bully

Is 100% pure lesbian

Fire place

Cook stove



Could love a writer

Youtube content provider

Hand in mine

Life partner

Life lover

Not alone more then sex


Hi Im Val

I’m tired of facing the world


Able to see tears when non are visible

What a horrible word that is


Watch “Entrepreneur seeking assistance to start a Rural Ride Share” on YouTube

Walk with a cane, have no vehical loose all your independence.

Why US protecting Christian Rights?

Is that not linking goverment with religion? If Goverment is separate from goverment why is it not?

Should not the US goverment protect all religions not secluding all others for Christian church?

Aren’t All Americans religions and rights impitant to be protected?

Kick the tires

Just a girl here, no idea what that means when I kick a tire I just hurt my foot. But this saying goes with everything in life like dating.

If someone comes to spend time with you but half way to you tells you she paid her car payment. I was like that’s good. What else should I have said.

Then closer to me she tells me shes sorry she spent a night in a hotel. I’m still not grasping the whole picture its a many faucett piece picture and I’m a assemble the sides first.

Closer to Ossian Iowa in Winneshiek county and the wandering lesbian writer, me another call comes ‘I’m sorry baby I lost a $100. How I’m wondering it was then she told me she was traveling to spend time with me horney and on her rent money.

In my heart I’m henny penny. All this time I have been consintrating on getting my media business going vie Youtube not interested in whats in anyones pants.

And she sees me the same person as before devestated by lies of my narcississistic half sister unaware of the stronger person I am now thanks to WordPress and my Youtube channle. I don’t even turn on the tellie until five p.m. for Odd Squad and PBS news.

Like for instance I listen to NPR radio classical music I love plus I have it in the background of my book reading. You can not use popular music protected by dominion rights but music on NPR was written hundreds of years ago, yeah! Win win I get music that arouse my creative juices and dueable for my videoes.

I knew she made six thousand during the few months worked in Plains MT. She arrived safe to Ossian Iowa with one hundred thirty four. All this time I thought she grasped my tools of my trade are the books Im reading and have as yet to read.

She said she’d but on the hitch on Iowa or UHail would do it that it cost six hundred dollars. She was going to rent a UHaul trailer. I learned looking for someone to do it in Decorah Iowa that no one but UHaul can put it on.

Dar says you can store your stuff Ill pay for six months. Stationwagons today could fut into the station wagons mom and dad towed Ellen and me around in. And did you know it is illigal to in MT to haul stuff onto of vehicals. I had said I would not leave with out my stuff.I had no money to store things then never see them again.

Sex was off the table because on Saturday she called to tell me she had her period wanted me to buy her pads. I was with an adopted sister in a hurry she had to buy her own.

When my family went on long trips we always had food along that makes more sense then traveling getting lost then calling me to tell me she was eating.

I took her out three times.I said to her one day you know I never eat out. Three meals ran me a hundred dollars. Dar ask how come you don’t eat out? She’s ten years my junior I said because if I have money I like to go to the groccery store buy my own food.

While driving here her red wagon sort of fell into a South Dakota pot hole.I took the wagon to Chucks in Ossian I still owe him fifteen dollars guess Ill take it over Wenesday. The red wagon was fine.

I also put in some gas and gave her money to get home. Her sister told her its my fault she has no money now. Bullshit!!!!! She got home because of me and hr last night was the turd time I fed her out.

The money she came her on bought her smoke which she continued to smoke outside while on oxygen.

Relastionship though no tires be aware trial periods are needed as well. Judy my adopted sister says what you need is a buddy I used her favorite expression back to her Dah!

Done dating! Full steam ahead work to get ahead. Done trying to find a woman who just wants a loyal steadfast companion.

Parking illigally

Why is it illigal at Christmas time for people to park in handycap zones but not noticed in low rent housing parking in Ossian Iowa????

Both of the before mention times piss me off as much as my family not allowing me to talk to my mom.

I live at 102 Bothell Avenue Apt.8 Ossian Iowa 52161 theres a white rasinete’s red car parked in the handicaped parking.

Im handicaped without vehical just now. Yhus annoys me as much as it saddens me that my relatives make my mom live with the narcississ bully in my family.Whats really sad when moms finally gone I will still be the one working toward justice.

I hope everyone spent today with their mom and cried less then me.

Bully or ….

Are you happy Ellen Beth Heike, you stood by a woman’s lies. Ellen allowed our mom lied into believing Diana’s Gaslight lies. I don’t believe in Karma I believe in me. Know that one day you will feel my rath.

You Ellen Heike stold my family and mom. Dr.P is sending me all Diana’s lies of 2012 and 2014 how you feared me bullshit and dad beat my when it was her father and son that beats women. I will publish every last lie. Enjoy!

Think how different the world would have been if you had died in whooping cough or I didnt save your life at the Cabin when you were 11.

Bully just like her older half sister my kid sister. Funny said how many hate crimes go on around you? Happy mothers day my older sister who bullied our mom for years.Threatened her then broke other laws stopped me from talking to my mom last May.

When your poor no lawyer will assist you. There is No probono, you die over and over as you watch your best friend your mom get bullied by the woman SHE NEVER WANTED TO LIVE WITH!!!!

My mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike is dead Diana Lee Heike Dudley Gaslighted her to death. Her fate is sealed a billion years in her christian HELL!

My mom the salt of the earth would Never tell anyone she wanted nothing to do with me not my mom.My mom and my kid sister Ellen Beth Heike Mathis knew I never harmed anyone in my life.

Its amazing what hate does. I cared for my mom since I was 9 assisting where I could I was sitting my first class at Luther College Sept 3rd 2012 when like SWAT a cop and a God Damn Social worker sneak in our back door with lies that our moms name was Mary that I beat her dud not feed her and that mom was bed ridden.

Got that Dan and Craig Mathis sons if Ellen and Shawn Mathis grandsons of Bob and Jean Mathis if Waukon Iowa! You know thats a lie! You know I Never beat your grandma Heike and she cooked, shopped drove, played cards went every day to see dad before he died.And mom was a red hay lady.

How much of the time in your lives has mom been ill not able to do for you! Mom Never wanted to move to Texas do you not care? Have you never asked the TRUTH of your mom?

How many gay people like me are victims of our families hate? How many lies from a narcississ half sister does it take? Did you simply not stand up and degend yourself? Surely you like me misses growing old with your loved ones!

I have missed 4 years of my great niece Mela’s life raped from me with lies because no one has the balls to stand up to Diana Lee Heike Dudley.

Im the first non coward of my Heike family on Leon’s side. Jesus thats cool and sad at the same time. So I figurely stand her shouting ‘I love you mom with all my heart, I will advenge you!’