Are search engines stupid????

I type in. Money for start up for groccery deliever need small SUV with 4 wheel drive for all year round I get use car dealer ships.I need a vehical. Not afraid of work. Not seeking hand out seeking assistance so I can start a business to brance off so in time I can just […]

Selling on line

I have heard the schpeal have no idea how to spell the word I want. I deal in media the written word.I read on line.Plan on selling books as well. My list a needs continue to over whelm me. I get tired that creates within my a deep crevice of a voidwhere my heart once […]

Not perfect, only human!

My Youtube channle (Val’s Whiewolf Media) & WORDPRESS allowed me to talk and share bits of me. I stumble over words from time to time. I put me in a book and feel laugh cry. Yesterday I had a pissie remark of an unfeeling jerk who told me I was just starting on Youtube my […]


Two thousand fifteen Luther College campus Decorah Iowa.Liberal Arts college. The humanities were exployered during the Renaissance with started in Italy. Petrarch: devotee of the words and the romantic lover of beauty, the classics open up an enchantee world. The humanities are the liberal arts.Luther College was one of the first colleges to have a […]

Head gear

Since beginning of time protection was worn into war. Head dress with each era the intelligence advanced. Weapons advanced as well. Hand in hand . An intellect advance of course better ways to mutalate and mame. End valent life fast or slow.Warriors wanted Every chance to survive the conflict and return home in one piece. […]