A sisters handme down

A gift not a hand out not requested! Not like welfare demanded with hand out. I loath poverty and all that it implies that all poor are alwats standing with hands out thst’s not me or how I was raised! Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle


Robbing a person of family why was it do easy for her to take all? No contact were they ever real? Shouting going horse ”Innocent!’ How could she accuse me of taking my mom then vanish with her? 2019 what does that mean? Born 1958, Storm Lake Iowa,was I? Is pain and loniness real? Heart […]

The hard fall

Love a dirty four letter word Blind like justice A family member ability to cruch life of another Words void of truth weight crushing Innocent still mom force to believe one crushing her throat. One sister knower of the truth Stands on the shore Watching innocent sister burn Thinking her telling no one made her […]

Watch “Chapter 64a, A Game of Thornes by George R.R.Martin” on YouTube

Outstanding Chapter!


§ assume living by the railroad is good § says you will get use to it Midnight to 5 am they race by Bothell Avenue,Ossian,Iowa No care for people livining fifty feet off track Blarring on horn § hated neighbors having dogs I hate no community § says hang with your neighbor My eighty year […]

The word

Entrepreneur is like the word writer of Youtuber. They are empty words if “”You” do nothing to own them! The goal is to profit. Jobsites look at you figure you have potential only for empty nothing jobs, why? Because you have to own those word. Work your tail off its not important how the world […]

Today Electric cigerrets during WWII three goverments used METH on our soldiers

Did you know METH was developed in Germany by the same scientist that assisted America to get to the moon? Did you know Hitler was the first to addict her soldiers to it? Why? Because it was speed it enhanced endurance. Hitlers super men, Hitlers Army were high! As a historian I find the goverment […]