Why do most people never see others worth?

Everyone’s desire stuck aloneis like stuck on a shelf As an Iowa,Wisconsinite,South Dakotnite and Virginia I know a secret We all have worth We deserve and desire to belong. Our worth is significant Our desires vary How can worth be visualized I see it but stuck Purpose to touch all I can I do it […]

Going to the farm

Mom and dad and me minus six years of my life Dad driving mom in middle me opening gate Camera to dad was taking pictures of cows butts Tonight saw a show worthy of Minnesota but it was Iowa PBS Wonderful Iowa my great grand dad grew to manhood in The farm with mom and […]

4 leaf clovers

Her smile and warmth that surrounded all those who were blessed by her presence never knew how cold life was until against her will without her ability to stop it Priest Father Jo December 2nd told us mom and me howb to protect mom from Satan Next night fire in electric drier.(Octorber mom was threatened […]

When 5

Everything is huge Farm country girl Donkey,horse n lamp Dad Chiropracter/farmer Brainard,Minnesota Three hundred miles away from Laurence Iowa Just five not a baby Baby was Ellen.’Quit’ acting like a baby shouts Baby cried everyone rushed in Val cried Grow up echoed Wheres childhood? Everything is bigger Just 5 Just 5 Jenny n Laddie Donkeye […]

Erradicate family

Lie about gay family Lie to everyone No one talks an o ut one lied about Christans, holidays,birthdayslie,lie.lie Remove after Gaslighting your 86 year old mom The one you bullied then torched her laundry room Give your mom a cat for being such a good tool If you believe me not Ask Ellen Beth Mathis […]