Is a dream foolish?

This sounds weird and I have never said it out loud.I want to foster the notion of the written word. I want to have young people and non tradioner people read.Who want to learn thw operation hospitality. Sound proof rooms people come and read and do other things with a snack bar reading books. Prouducing […]

Danial Eric Mathis

My Godson you know those you love to the moon and back when they destroy your heart I wonder dothey feel your pain? I alway spend what I had on things to share. When he was born his mom had already lost a child. We mom and I were so very thrilled. My dog Pal […]

Food Bank Decorah,Iowa The Decorah Food bank People will never understand Poor people can not be veggan Why because we eat what others give Cereal Gummies Onions Eggs Always some person complains it’s not enough Today I met a man This man I saw last week I assumed the man was a farmer He is now He […]