My mom

‘You have no Right to Doors that lock!You have Nothing of Value!!!

Hello, I suffer from brain trauma a TBI.

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Some peoples family has a bully

When you look up a narcississ those in the know imagine family narcississ are mothers the Heike family narcississ was married 5 times.All her husbands ran to divorce. Daughter of an abuser, wife beater like her son and grandson. Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Have you ever lost friend just by saying what is in your heart says?

If we are lead by our heart for our own good how is it possible to piss others off. Did that last night at 1230am. Unsure what or where this will lead so I’m publishing this will add to it when I know what occurs next. I thought she understand I’m honest. (This is what […]

Human of choice

Like abused animal I am I share what I have with those who allow it Abused animals trust few I too Humanity is not limited to those that Stand upon two limbs Crushed,beaten I Humanity lack many Humanity I stand distant away Ready to hoble Out of reach My goodness was used Like Fagot in […]

Don Angle,Waukon,Iowa

Labling me

Dinner at Ellen’s

Three miles outside Waukon,Iowa Iowa,Iowa Just three miles. Family gatherings since 2005 Held at the Mathis house Waukon Io-wa! Io-wa! Io-wa! Carry everythout out to the car Dad took his truck I drove my mom Moments and times Like nuts foe squirls I stored up Locked away Never expecting fox in our chicken coop Vopine […]


When someone you know was erroniously harmed are you a standbacker and see awaiting the friend th bleed out? I ‘m not! Jump in don’t stand back and test the watera like as a kid we did first swim at Cub Lake in Sawyer County in northern Wisconsin. Its been a year last May since […]

Funny things that for a fee become commercials when playing a game( on Facebook)

Sp many things bounce through my head when I’m dinking around not reading just briefly bumbing. Did you know you are invited to get in on the bottom floor of Mary Jane. From pot it tries to get people to do surveys. Have you ever? I worked an entire summer trying to make some money […]