End of Chapter 19,Clash of Kings by George R.R.Martin

Surrender,Never!’ Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle Book 2, Ayra


First person history Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Media (09/10/2019) Died from burnt lungs December 3rd,2014,I miss quoted had said 2013 but that was the year our lied about Invalid mom flew back to Iowa drove from Spencer,Iowa to Waukon,Iowa.Pretty darn good for someone told to Iowa Human Service in 2012 our 84 year old mom […]

Chapter 13,14,15, The higher power of Lucky by Susan Patron

True feel sadness of thought unloved little girl. Did you know that when you subscribe on Youtube we the content providers get nothing for subscribing.When you subscribe you will get notified when things are posted. This will be found and all I pisted on my channle since last June. Val’s Whitewolf Media Channle YouTube

Pretty sad

Theres a lady named Carol lives in Clarmount Iowa.Turns 76 this week makes 1600/month Social security. Called the food bank as she does every year to get her free cake for her birthday.That pisses me off for 11 years I have been on Goddamn disability I want off. I want to make money, own my […]

Where are the lesbians, its football seasons?

In my head I hear the gay old tune from Auntie Mame gone crazy called Mame!’ You know the one for Christmas but Im thinking Green Bay Packers! Bring down the holly, make it green and gold,Green and gold!’ Where Oh where are the lesbians! Why do I have to scope them out on line […]

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