Chapter 25c,Order of Phoenix by J.K.Rowling

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Is a dream foolish?

This sounds weird and I have never said it out loud.I want to foster the notion of the written word. I want to have young people and non tradioner people read.Who want to learn thw operation hospitality. Sound proof rooms people come and read and do other things with a snack bar reading books. Prouducing […]

She’s gone

She’s Gone Homeward bound Born in Wisconsin Graduated Univesity of Virginia Taught in Mass,Iowa Luther College Started as a school teacher never normal Never adverage Taught teachers to know students they taught Understand students Understand students troubles Added minister to her credits Known Dr.Jeanette Pillsbury since 2012 Miss her she’s gone to my home Shennandoah […]

End of Chapter 19,Clash of Kings by George R.R.Martin

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Danial Eric Mathis

My Godson you know those you love to the moon and back when they destroy your heart I wonder dothey feel your pain? I alway spend what I had on things to share. When he was born his mom had already lost a child. We mom and I were so very thrilled. My dog Pal […]


First person history Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Media (09/10/2019) Died from burnt lungs December 3rd,2014,I miss quoted had said 2013 but that was the year our lied about Invalid mom flew back to Iowa drove from Spencer,Iowa to Waukon,Iowa.Pretty darn good for someone told to Iowa Human Service in 2012 our 84 year old mom […]

Out Lesbian Iowan Entrepreneur Blogger{Writer and Youtube Content Provider}me -Val (09/10/2019)

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle Non Profit no money coming in still I have expenditures my goal is to make profit but to be taken seriously I need to be registered. When I want to admend the location of clips shot the nearest to 102 Bothell Avenue Apt.8 is Chucks Auto Shop.I am not a […]

Lady Ships

Whistles blow Sirens whistle Bells and whistles, whine Why no one sees The buzz Between two women Private Nothing new here Same old, same old! Piff,Puff Steam, Heat! Puff,puff, Bang,Boom! Throwback Fridays visiting A Whitewolf sits under A sturdy aged Oak. Beyond a Ironwrought gate donned with grape vines standing open slightly squeeking Whispering ‘oil […]