Selling on line

I have heard the schpeal have no idea how to spell the word I want. I deal in media the written word.I read on line.Plan on selling books as well. My list a needs continue to over whelm me. I get tired that creates within my a deep crevice of a voidwhere my heart once […]

Odd comment

I was touring around on the odd moment on Youtube today.The subject was Gentleman Jack and lesbians.The comment from a woman saud she could never be a lesbian. The comment owner’s reasoning was that women are all untrustworther.Some are caniving thongs unworthy to be imagined thevweaker sex. But the statement is completely unfair not to […]

Fail upward

Seems a bunch of people will not attempt something for fear they will suck hell life is or is not a failure. The judging of your success is ‘Only through your eyes!’ This knowledge took me exactly sixty-one years and five months in three days. Its a learned knowledge.Fir most of my life I trylied […]

Val’s Whitewolf Media

Media company will cover all forms of that gendra creating jobs encouraging growth within the arts building a stronger community. (When one has no paper best way to make mentle notes that will not be tossed out by your too smart smart phone.) I had saved all my passwords only to find the other day […]