Walks tall Walks straight as an arrow No daughter harrassed or Gaslit her to remove a daughter from her will One hundred years old in August 2019 Why are some Iowan elderly allowed to live Why do some Iowan elderly get bullied Harrassed Forced to support Loose their idenity Why! Laura’s swell Artist My mom […]

Hello, I suffer from brain trauma a TBI.

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Scary words

We need to talk! Wake at 4 am to go to work Entrepreneurs who write and Youtube sleep only when our bodies crash Turn on our phones Look at emails Check messages There it is A woman I’m nit dating Needs to talk She called at 230 am I was deep in la,la land Shes […]


Wrestler on her own spread Playboy 2001,October While sitting on the Mountain room Skyland Lodge A friend handed me the magazine Never saw one before Tourist asked me what I planned on doing with the copy I said I had no intention of reading it I think her life was brief Now she is gone […]

Not only one

Aliant Energy was given several million dollars to build windmills and solar areas to maintain lower prices. Today when I complained to COMMUNITY action about the sixty dollars November,January eighty dollars added to our bills and a hundred added in February added to our electric bills. My bill for our February bill in Ossian Iowa […]

Why does the word Lesbian create such a stir?

Hello out there why is it so hard for search engines to fine legitimate assistanxe for lesbians in business? When I seek other women who are gay who are entrepreneurs I am never taken to lesbians in business search engines take me to porn site! God Goggle,Yahoo grow up! This is 2019 lesbians are in […]

Community Action for heat assistance

Fellow American’s Lesbian At Large I’m thinking of you keeping warm too. Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Nicely done, But…

The past year over on jolly old England my lesbian community was literally brought out of moth balls. Paraded around in the form of a TV program which based on fact the lesbian leads were pertrayed by two gifted, lovely straight women. Pardon me was the show made purely for entertainment? It was terrific what […]

The hard fall

Love a dirty four letter word Blind like justice A family member ability to cruch life of another Words void of truth weight crushing Innocent still mom force to believe one crushing her throat. One sister knower of the truth Stands on the shore Watching innocent sister burn Thinking her telling no one made her […]