Nothing lonier then lonliness

A pit open where once a heart warmed No one to share feelings with Moments Stories Thoughts A place is not a home Standing on a screen in porch Gazing across a bay Cool breeze that cuts through A fishing pole in hand Bundled up Cousins all around 1940 old red pickup Player piano Ellen […]

4 leaf clovers

Her smile and warmth that surrounded all those who were blessed by her presence never knew how cold life was until against her will without her ability to stop it Priest Father Jo December 2nd told us mom and me howb to protect mom from Satan Next night fire in electric drier.(Octorber mom was threatened […]

Selling on line

I have heard the schpeal have no idea how to spell the word I want. I deal in media the written word.I read on line.Plan on selling books as well. My list a needs continue to over whelm me. I get tired that creates within my a deep crevice of a voidwhere my heart once […]

Odd comment

I was touring around on the odd moment on Youtube today.The subject was Gentleman Jack and lesbians.The comment from a woman saud she could never be a lesbian. The comment owner’s reasoning was that women are all untrustworther.Some are caniving thongs unworthy to be imagined thevweaker sex. But the statement is completely unfair not to […]