Hello, I suffer from brain trauma a TBI.

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Lonliness a pain beyond all others

The door will slam with a vension.

Scary words

We need to talk! Wake at 4 am to go to work Entrepreneurs who write and Youtube sleep only when our bodies crash Turn on our phones Look at emails Check messages There it is A woman I’m nit dating Needs to talk She called at 230 am I was deep in la,la land Shes […]


Wrestler on her own spread Playboy 2001,October While sitting on the Mountain room Skyland Lodge A friend handed me the magazine Never saw one before Tourist asked me what I planned on doing with the copy I said I had no intention of reading it I think her life was brief Now she is gone […]

Human of choice

Like abused animal I am I share what I have with those who allow it Abused animals trust few I too Humanity is not limited to those that Stand upon two limbs Crushed,beaten I Humanity lack many Humanity I stand distant away Ready to hoble Out of reach My goodness was used Like Fagot in […]


Sales are not hard Entrepreneurs who start shown be worth credit Businesses that are Service can appear to not move but on YouTube are propelled Time and space Perpetually now that’s service I was told last week Start a business Prove you exist Then you’ll be seen Acknowledge Whitewolf Media teaching you are a unwritten […]