A gift

A smile Eyes that twinkle Words that laugh Heart that loves My mom Walk in to a yard Any yard Look down Come away with at least one Four leaf clover December 3rd, 1003 pm our luck ran out October 2014, Diana Dudley removed my front door lock Crime had increased in Allamakee County Dad’s […]

Piece of a heart

Hello I seek home No kill animal shelter northern Wisconsin or Minnesota. Where animals need voice and live of someone that values them sight unseen. I cared for animals all my life . I excel at caring for others.I know what it is to be used then thrown out , left by the side if […]


Traveling four years alone Enternally empty First day of fall Thought gets me past hate is seeing blood Lifeless Breathless Her hate condummed those I loved Her fires took all those I loved Those whose smiles I gave so much to I love fall Use to Like a wolf alone plodding Forest calls A lake […]

We in general…

Are a throw away society Unless those that are older have money.People Overlook then the inferror age is! That’s bullshit.I was Seen as Guilty of the lies of an older half sister of ELDER ABUSE I must be guilty of it Val Heike, was in my fifties,Gay, a fulltime student working for a better life […]

Pretty sad

Theres a lady named Carol lives in Clarmount Iowa.Turns 76 this week makes 1600/month Social security. Called the food bank as she does every year to get her free cake for her birthday.That pisses me off for 11 years I have been on Goddamn disability I want off. I want to make money, own my […]

When did America become like the Catholic Latin Church?

Took a class on the Latin Catholic church at Luther College it teaches how the poor support the catholic church. They will not allow the poor to leave poverty and reach for a better life. Low rent housing will not employ anyone who live there. America will not assist financially other like me never been […]

Nothing lonier then lonliness

A pit open where once a heart warmed No one to share feelings with Moments Stories Thoughts A place is not a home Standing on a screen in porch Gazing across a bay Cool breeze that cuts through A fishing pole in hand Bundled up Cousins all around 1940 old red pickup Player piano Ellen […]

Going to the farm

Mom and dad and me minus six years of my life Dad driving mom in middle me opening gate Camera to dad was taking pictures of cows butts Tonight saw a show worthy of Minnesota but it was Iowa PBS Wonderful Iowa my great grand dad grew to manhood in The farm with mom and […]