Chapter 3a,into the cold fire by Lynne Ewing

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A sisters handme down

A gift not a hand out not requested! Not like welfare demanded with hand out. I loath poverty and all that it implies that all poor are alwats standing with hands out thst’s not me or how I was raised! Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Chapter 23c,Order of the Phoenix by J.K.Rowling

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Watch “Entrepreneurs: Youtube and WordPress” on YouTube

Tools help make us who we Want to be. We need drive thats all us! Tools arw available on Youtube and WordPress plus like Evan Carmichael will assist by helping you achieve you! You are your prize but its never given to you the greatest worth in life is yourself. Quote Val Whitewolf Heike( me)

You bless me and make me smile

When I get low and think I make no difference a senseless lonely running on empty Iowan dyke. Over on Youtube I see an email has arrived from WordPress so I zip to my gmail. Then its like a piping hot cup of Earl Grey my favorite tea I feel less irrelevant. Getting notification someone […]

Watch “Chapter 22 to 23 and a half,The boy called Christmas by Matt Haig” on YouTube

Got this book at the recycling center. Reading it brought me great joy.Reading it was the best Christmas present to me since 2013 when mom and I were still safe from Diana Dudley in Granbury,Texas.