Watch “1.End of Chapter 12 to 13a,They hunt by night by Barbara Hambly” on YouTube

Loved way before I read interview with vampire.

Watch “Thankyou all who viewed my content in June 2019” on YouTube

Watch “Hero’s of an Iowan Entrepreneur on this 4th of July” on YouTube

From my Pat:Oh, my, Val—just listened to your “heroes” post. Feel blessed to be in that category, but you surely realize I do these things out of love and it warms my heart as well. True friendship is one of God’s gifts and we know that He wants us to love one another, as He […]

Why has Facebook changes the ease to leave games?

It truely is a bitch to simply return to chat in the Facebook app, why? I feel like a test rat. Or locked in a room it is neccessary to click reverse twice. Hitting the x which ise to shut off the game. It reminds me of the difficulty of removing names if people who […]