Are search engines stupid????

I type in. Money for start up for groccery deliever need small SUV with 4 wheel drive for all year round I get use car dealer ships.I need a vehical. Not afraid of work. Not seeking hand out seeking assistance so I can start a business to brance off so in time I can just […]

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Fail upward

Seems a bunch of people will not attempt something for fear they will suck hell life is or is not a failure. The judging of your success is ‘Only through your eyes!’ This knowledge took me exactly sixty-one years and five months in three days. Its a learned knowledge.Fir most of my life I trylied […]

Opinion Pat’s

You can’t farm Hot face me I said yes I can She just told me her minister son in law would be happy farming P says you know nothing of farming I know animals I know what I would farm on my Artist retreat P says you have to know tractors When I was young […]