My dad

Was proud of telling mom he would always have money for beer and he always did. Dad never was taught that when married he was no longer one. That money, love and family was more important then the joy of what made him smile. Your childrens friendship was more important then someone that works for […]

Why Montena?Why not Iowa?

Im a Gay entrepreneur seeking financing not tomorrow,TODAY! Not in Montena. here Iowa! Been seeking funds since 2008 when I returned ti college at 50. I have heart And drive where’s venture capital for an American? Gay Female Empath? Will be deleting my resume I posted on WordPress all I got was hit by 3 […]

As a houseguest where are you on Willywonk’s scale are you a good or bad egg?

Good Someone who offers to help fix food, clean plates or take. When out for supper order NOT the most expensive meal and Please,Please not 2! Maybe be the person who puts down the tip! Always say thankyou. If going to stay with people, Never put them out! Never make them buy all the food […]

Saying I love you is less important when the you, you are shouts You are being used!

I have always loved that phase I love you. My half sister gave me a really old book tied with a bow as she handdd it to me I was told ‘Val I searched all over but found you a veesion of Great Expectations!’ Two years ago I finally opened the book. The Great expectation […]

No Zing!

Anticipation of no longer lonely stinks as much as sure people have changed.Some people become victims of others or cirrcumstance. Others blame others for their lot in life. Since an old friend has come from Montena to start or take me to her state I’m so impressed by me it shocking! How dare her believe […]


Notice winters ice cubes the shape of the hole workers placed tar the summer months before. We in Iowa have city streets seemed to run amuk with roads that appear terrific until mind you…. Mind you the first 37 below with 40 degrees below zero wind chill typical balming Winnishiek County northern iowa day. Tourist […]

Personal growth

Little things assist humanity and become like rings on a tree except in humans the knowlege ergo rings differentiate significantly. When rings of a tree scientists can see the years of good weather and watering opposed to humans we grow from our hardships. Instead of water pain maybe loss of loved once or our actually […]

Always remember

Always remember when you work for yourself – You Never work for yourself! Always remver that when you work for someone else even if its Salary slavery Does not legally exits in America any longer. Baby yout time is yours even when you work at home for someone else. Its Important to separate them(whomever you […]