Watch “My sister Pat and goals.” on YouTube


Just awoke to my cat peeing on my blanket.Not the first time though forst time I slept. Judy a friend says I’d kick him out for that! But then Judy just yesterday accused me of cruelty because I bathed my cat in vinigar knowing that when my skin is inflamed vinigar stings a bit but […]

Adopted sisters better than blood

When I had a real sister I envied friends with sisters that leaned some on eachother. Blessed is to at some point have even a sister I adopted who allows me to care. Caring is trust and that’s a priceless commodity for me. Mom gave that to me when I was fifty six. I thought […]

An Educator like I wanted to be!

Funny fucked up stupid as hell in todays world you need a degree to get a job it ketch dogs no love or heart needed! Maybe that’s whats wrong with the world. I went to college returned at fifty. Assisted my mom thirty one years older then me. At no time was I a paid […]

Watch “Asking for a prayer to survive!” on YouTube

The lady who was struck by the dog in the head is recovering and will be returning home soon. CC is coming home this weekend sometimes good thoughts are valuable. Thanks to all.

Kick the tires

Just a girl here, no idea what that means when I kick a tire I just hurt my foot. But this saying goes with everything in life like dating. If someone comes to spend time with you but half way to you tells you she paid her car payment. I was like that’s good. What […]