When 5

Everything is huge

Farm country girl

Donkey,horse n lamp

Dad Chiropracter/farmer


Three hundred miles away from Laurence Iowa

Just five not a baby

Baby was Ellen.’Quit’ acting like a baby shouts

Baby cried everyone rushed in

Val cried

Grow up echoed

Wheres childhood?

Everything is bigger

Just 5

Just 5

Jenny n Laddie

Donkeye n Hourse, lamb

One family picnic Spencer,Iowa park

Tall slide

All cousins going down head first

Always shouted

Don’t do that

Grow up

Quit acting stupid

Val 5 climbs huge slide

Chants of cousins ‘come on you can do it!

One minute high next on the ground

What seemed easy was not!

No straws for Val

Ellen 2 bubbles cute

Look at the baby

Same thing blowing bubbles

Dad screams

Val in kitchen in tears

When 5 and middle child

1963 no abuse seen

Circus came to town

Elephant rides by height

When 5 and tall

From on top of an elephant

Just one day

One day to feel special

Is that all

Is that at sixty one the second thing

Second of childhood

Second memory

No pain

Joy owned only by me

No one screamed

No tears flowed

Still recall like yesterday

‘Look at ‘Our Val!’

No feelings of being pushed in the back

Out if view

When 5

Just 5

Star moment.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media Youtube Channle

My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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