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Bats kill their weight in unwanted bugs. When I was a kid it was a given older kids slept on the front porch if they got to cabin first. My kid sister and I scoped out the beds first. See we were first at Cub Lake off GG eight miles from Lauretta,Wisconsin.

Five hour trip from Waukon,Iowa County seat in Allamakee County in northern Iowa. It was a really hot fourth of July.The cabin that week slept twenty-six counting picnic table and floor in screened in porch.

Ellen and I and Mike the youngest cousins of the Heike’s and the Rohr’s.Ellen and I were in bed. All windows had screens all but end by front of cabin over by my cousin Cubbies bed. That window with no screen had been opened til dusk.

Dad loved to sit outside and watch bats fly over the lake at night. Ellen and I lay in our sleeping bags.I on the bottom bunk Ell was up top. We heard Flap,Flap. We screamed like the little girls we were.

Uncle Norm dad’s older brother and dad grabbed badmitten rackets a couple swats subdued the bat. I don’t know what happen to him I can only hope he was freed. Dad would have wanted him freed.

When Ell was just married before she miscarriaged they she and her husband Shawn E. Mathis lived in Lansing, Iowa also in Allamakee lived on the Mississippi River. One day Ellen found a bat had gotten inside her rented home.

Ellen and broom beat the life out of the protected by the state bat more out of fear then any other reason. Took the life form outside ran over it acouole times with her car.

This afternoon I heard one more bat story how two take place in Allamakee County.Two on water all dead at the hands of people. I think that’s sad.

The third story also in Allamakee near Postville Iowa would fly around while my friend woukd watch TV. My friend beat it too death. A bunch had taken roost in the attic. One had found himself stuck frighten inside.

My friend beat it up inside took it outside and preceeded to ? Funny I’m as hurt and mad having been treated like the bats in the last two stories at least the bats were killed by strangers.

Injustice, death no one pays. Mother nature does.

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