user_scoped_temp_data_msgr_photo_for_upload_15542479869632031097906.jpegHow is it possible feining understanding of non Americans yet purely confused that innocent life is not approved by me for her to emmit so much hate of animals simply trying to survive! When my dear friend yesterday spoke with such hate for a kitten heard by her home.

They say out of the mouths of babes truth is said. One moment she discusting one thing then her face ignites with contempt because cats were matting.

All through her disertation all I was thinking of if I lived where she did on the highway going toward Monona Iowa I would have all the kittens in my home feeding and carrying for all babies and their families and shes being hateful.

More and more time spent with her not all the time but sometimes I feel like her charity.

One minute she is talking meanabout babies then showing me photos of a Hispanic family’s daughter’s 15 year birthday much like a coming of age for a Jewish girl in her small Iowa town.

Christians are a mystery for me hate of life and groups placing one over another in a way a seperous mayne that’s my word. She is a great gay mom.No do not miss understand she is not gay her son is.

President several times for PFLAG. I feel her assurity(also a Val’s word) that the work I do daily is foolish. My desire to be out of poverty not just for ne but so all those sure throw their bones I will always be poor.

I’m no ones chariety.Without transportation its easuer for people to see others as so good tey pity me yet No one cared enough to call my mom and tell her all the lies my half sisyer did to act like I’m evil lie my family and my mom away.

Thr kitten crying for help is a baby shut out by her as an animal.I would be out there helping them thats the difference between an empath me and those that fen goody Christianity. One passage of the thing believe to have never been changed for political correctness the essence is that ‘even sparrows mater!’

How can sparrows matter if a baby kitten is spoke if as foul?

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My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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