Two thousand fifteen Luther College campus Decorah Iowa.Liberal Arts college. The humanities were exployered during the Renaissance with started in Italy.

Petrarch: devotee of the words and the romantic lover of beauty, the classics open up an enchantee world.

The humanities are the liberal arts.Luther College was one of the first colleges to have a LGBTQ club. Iowa was one of the first states to grant us a right EVERYONE else already had “The right to wed!’ As an Iowa I believe they only did it for the profit they would gleen from it.

I was the oldest college students in 2015 after crushed by lies by my half sister. Wanted to go the Luther College since eight. Loved the hidtory department. The disabilities deiartment seem to still be under the assumption the only ones with thlrue disabilities are born that way never taking into concideration trauma done from head trauma has the ability to render the inability to test out of Statistics.

It seemed a crule game nearly every semester I was stuck into higher math I grasp it I could not test in it. No one bothered to examine every freaking Stat or probability exam I took until kicked out for inability to test out of Statistics.I had planed to teach college history. Specializing in Military history until college became bright enough to see my LGBTQ communty was not a gender study still taught by a Slav a chouce! I wabted to teach LGBTQ history.

I was given one job my first semester in the kitchen told I could not use my cane because according to the campus disability department I was not disabilied. A car did drive through my left knee cap and move it over.I lost that job I was written up for having dropped domething I did not. Without a cane Im not speedie; Not with one either.

I wanted to be an ambassador for Luther College.They stroll around showing off our school. I applied for it never heard from them.In three years only once did I see a disabilied person working in his wheel chair he was sweeping.

My Goddess all the phone jobs but cripples did not qualify for them. Would have been terrific to have less school debt.

I did a paper in 2013 on our Pride on campus.In Anthropology I wanted to do a paper on why still in 2013 couples who are gay were like disabled family members a hundred years ago kept out of site locked away.

My idea was voted down.

Doc Ginger Merit Sociology department she and her wife came out late in life after both having had large families met and fell in love.

Doc in little Decorah Iowa on Luther College campus would stroll down the campus boulevard hand in hand. Like shouting at the world “I love my wife , so there!” I was so honored knowing the doc.

She is definately one of my heroes along with Mary Elsie Collins who with her brother started Impro in Waukon Iowa.Impro one if first companies to partner with a Japanese firm.

Courage not a sexiest word. The author is a tat sexiet. Me night.

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