Wonder when Gays became responsible for why your life sucks. Accusing an entire comminty for your failures is hate!

When I came out I was forty. My first gay friends I met at thirty-six. I was working at Mt.Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

People I loved and cared about betted on how long it would take for the guys who owned the Dairy Queens gayness to rub off on me. Gayness is not a stain it dies not rub off.We don’t turn gay!

We are not different because we finally no longer to have to be whom you Expect us to be. Who we are is in our DNA. Its genetics.

A dear friend Jean Huffeys uncle was gay. Two of Jeans childrens Gay. When I worked as a full time employee at Mt. Rushmore as Lead in Fudge and Ice cream in 1998 the year I came out after having to hide all my life that I was gay our then head of personel who hated Queers went from hate to loath.

See Russ Jobman then the head of personell now GM sister in law joined Sweet Adelines in Rapid City,S.D. fell in love with a lesbian.

In Russ’s book committed an immortal sin and ever queer was going to pay for that. Im a farm kid from Iowa I don’t need a sign on the door that says ‘Exit!’ To know which way was out!

So I left a job in a place I loved as much as northern Wisconsin because I didnt want to get 9 hours a week.I had seen many times it happen their to others Gay, native American.

Heck I picked up a homeless man once he lasted a week. No one Ever should have to tollerate hate. My fellow co workers were betting on how long he’d last.

Funny sad part everyone who lives on the mountain is homeless if let go. Seasonal to full time resort workers. Work at others will.

There’s a saying that became a dumbass law “The Right to work law!” It has nothing to do with people who want to work to leave poverty. Those words are for the company that cuts your check. They are given the right be the federal goverment tonfire you at will.

In Castlerock,Colorado I was twenty-six. Took a job with a family last name Baumgartner first time in my life I was fired why because this hottie with strange children’s husband allowed me a vehical for my days off. I was raised to always say thankyou.

So I always thanked him sometimes Id bring him a cup of coffee. Mom always said does not hurt to be nice. She fired me because she feared I was aftrr her husband.I only took the job because she was hot . Had nothing to do with her husband.

See I was twenty-six just starting to come out. I still had yet to meet another gay person.

In 2005 lost my home in Virginia at 101 E39 Madison Lane.See Becky Young found out LGBTQ were not protected under the law for equal housing and I lost my home.

A lovely lady on facebook mentioned to me yesterday how the young lesbian need to notice our history and truely appreciate the rights they have and how every day we get closer to loosing these few rights.

I went to Luther College.We had PRIDE in fact I did a paper on our PRIDE and its history. Having pride on campus got my LGBTQ COMMUNITY no rights like a figure head.

No even holding hands in the cafe. No history that is ours is taught we are a Gender study.One teacher on gender studies a Slav teaches gay as a choice. My goddess come into the twentieth century!

We can not afford to fall down on fighting to maintain our rights!

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My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary on my Youtube. When I write my heart and scar show my wounds still bloody. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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