The price paid with hate

My half sister Gaslight the ine I loved the most. I never harmed anyone in my life. I miss Marian D.Bittenger Heike more then life.

My breathen is hard in the Iowan humitity.My name was stollen with lies.Mom belies Dianas lies

My younger sister who knows I never harmed anyone

Diana Lee Heike Dudley and Ellen Beth Heike Mathis took my mom and my life.

Diana our murder Ellen her compliant helper

One morning I will not rise

My murders Diana in Granbury Texas non empath who enhanced on what her father did the wife beater bent mom with lie implemented with repetition this is Gaslighting. Two days of her hovering after she lite our laundry room on fire and mom who all her life would say Ellen and I or Val and I or my dad Lee and I went to ( We did this and that.)

We is a control word.Took a year for Diana to convience mom I needed tp be removed from my mom’s will according to Diana I write horrible things about my mom.That’s a filthy lie.

That was my 58th birthday present.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media Youtube Channle

My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary on my Youtube. When I write my heart and scar show my wounds still bloody. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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