How to get toss without under a lorries wheels without trying.

Always a good person I smoked for 3 weeks in Uncle Sam’s Army, realized it looked stupid- stopped!

Saved my mom, kid sister,half sisters two children and Ellens frind at 14 took a loaded 44 magnum from dad should have taken the revolve deep into my chest and allowed hom to shoot.Thus attempt at John Wayne courage meant nothing to anyone.

Never nearly ever kept a secret from mom. I never wanted wanted to date, or marry one. Had no one to ask questions of.

If people would cold I’d give my coat and sit and freeze. No one xared or saw my good hearted move.

My younger sister she wasnt home in the garden or helping mom. It ws after 2008 after I was struck by the second car. I asked Ellen once for asprin. I had classes all day home right after class Ellens response was ‘Whats wrong with Val!”

2005 when I lost my home because LGBTQ people were not and still are not protected my Equal housing. For two years my beautiful neohews could nit be bothered to take me around so I can put in for jobs. People are dence no one gets it better chance getting a vehical if moneys coming in then not.

2008 I was 50.Returned full time to college.College is for the young no responsibilities. See at our home the only one without responsibilities since I was nine was my dad.

I had mom my best friend.

In 2012 after another husband of my half sister found he did not need a wardrobe to flee the evil toxic grasp of a narcississ wife all they needed was divorce papers. Never placed on a husbands will ny half sister was beside herself who could she bulky into her deadly grip? Wonder how long she thought until she figured throw her gay scapegoat of a sister Val to the dogs. Bully mom from her home.

Who fights for the underdog, gay and innocent heart gone soles next. I need and want to talk to my Gaslight mom and Id like to smile again. I do it and cry reading to those that stop by my channle Val Whitewolf Media.

Hellsoell Im a good true loving and carring person I have never ever harmed anyone. I was never caught with pot on my glove compartment or beating the shit out of a women but I had two nephews that did these things! Or am I my nephews grandfather who was arrested peeping in womens window.

All three of those men forgiven as well as my oldest nephew like his mothers sire a wife beater.

I save animals lives use to carry a shovel and remove dead animals off the road.Love southern women.Love my Wiscondin and Viriginia fight for mom and me and our future.

What really fucks my half sister up she imagined me a crumbler. I look like a Heike my dad. I spent nearly all family gatherings crying in the kitchen as the Christians who hated dad but not as much as mom and I did nothing but bad mouthed dad in the kitchen.

See the white trash born in 1948 underestimated her writing gay sister whose an audible learning it means I recall conversations I rememver all you did to us up to the day you insisted on taking mom from the nursing home you put her in June 6th in 26 below zero 8 am before I could even come and chat with mom.

Diana’s afraid if me she should be. My half sister took my entire family with lies.I will never be done with her.

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My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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