A bed

I had a new queen size bed.I wanted a captains bed with drawers underneath. I have not been a able to sleep laying down since murdered by a set fire.

I just as soon have a studio then a bed I did not want or need given to me by a lady who tossed away my clothes last August.

My adopted sister has congestive heart failure and had no bed so I gave it away Saturday. I got great warmth from sharing what I had.

After all I slept on the floor at the foot of my moms chair for six months after my half sister upset mom so much in Octobr of 2014 my frll backward from hr fancy walkr Diana insister mom had. Floor is a swell place to sleep. Rather get a car.

The bed reciever the day after moving into the low rent crappy apartment the water works broke. What are the odds? Water all over in their new bed room with new carpet.No one had lived in the apartment for sometime.

Judy my adopted sister has congestive heart failure thats why they moved out of their motor home.

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My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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