Saying I love you is less important when the you, you are shouts You are being used!

I have always loved that phase I love you. My half sister gave me a really old book tied with a bow as she handdd it to me I was told ‘Val I searched all over but found you a veesion of Great Expectations!’ Two years ago I finally opened the book. The Great expectation vanished when I saw the book I held was 1890 a book of poetry. Not even near tome of book Inwas told it was.

So if others truth is covered with a lie is that really someone you want a future with?

Friday last week a friend came to take me to her home. First lie Im getting a hitch put on in Iowa then we will load and go. See as an old bird Destroyed by half sister in 2011 to 20? my death I never put in the month I was moving. She got half way spent night in hotel!

I thought its her money shes 52. Darkene made 6000 in a few months working at H&R Block of which evidently she has non of it left. Then she calls me ‘Baby, I’m sorry! I gambled $100. My dad was a gambler and a drunk. Baby we will have to stick your stuff into my station wagon, I’ll pay for you to store your property.”

Then like fishing she lands the big one, I have not paid my rent. I have fed her 3 times out and bought her stuff Money I don’t spend on me total $70 today I will pay to find out whats wrong with the vehical ”Not to fix it!” I get $680 a month, thats it!’

I was asked yesterday would I be returning to Montena with her if I was not told that she had not paid her rent? Hell no my mom live 60 years with a drunk and a gambler!!!!!!!’

I hate alone but not enough to be beyond poverty, homeless stuck in Montena with a horney lesbian. She leave lights on, doesnt pick up for herself arrived with 134. A 1000 miles from her home! My, my,my!!!!

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My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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