You can change with someone don’t ever allow someone to bully you to change. My girlfriend filled conversations with lies about me being able to take the things I value with me. If you are like me pennliess but working on changing that you more then likely like me are being seen as a go alonger.

That’s my word Goalonger looks like goal longer , say it fast, ‘Goalonger.’ Poor have to endure. My mom had to endure until dad went to the nursing home at North Gate in Waukon Iowa. Mom rejoiced she was finally allowed to buy some rings and started collecting coins and paper money. Dad did all his life mom went without.

When I hit 9 dad saw himself as reborn. Mom and I endured. My kid sister had children.Babies went from babysitters to grandparents.Even when mom was told she was to be bedridden for 22 hours a day what did Marian Delores Bittenger Heike do, mom endured babysiting for Ellen.

Diana Lee my half sister when I was 9 she hated my dog Casey so Diana got a diffrent dog. Diana told mom if mlm keot my dog the grandson of our old family dog Penny mom ‘Would never see her first grand son AGAIN!’

So at 9 not knowing my half sister was tge cause of my pain for years never ever saw Casey again. All my life others wants mom and I was invisible! After all its just Val!

Hey,Hey that’s wrong! People are not tools to suffer at your disposal! At 53 when Diana’s fifth husband divorced her after 1 year of marriage no official even cared to ask Why !

I gave the judge in Polk County 16 pages of years of things. Diana did to mom and me. Mom and I have had to endure years of abuse at Diana Dudleys hands who lives in in Granbury Texas.

Look at the facts annual bully visits then Diana upped her hand with daily harrassment phone calls calling mom interohating mom to find out what Ellen and I are doing.

Insisting mom have a red jitterbug phone.I paid for our land line. Calling mom not once daily which I was not allowed to do but ten times daily.

Mom was in tears after each call asking does she not know I’m her mom? Then lying me onto Elder abuse. Mom was NEVER REMOVED FROM HER HOME! Why because mom was Never abused!

August 2014 calling not just Diana but my wife beating newphew Robert John Cook a used man in Texas.Robbie vulgar threat calls to Ellen to be vulgar with her 4 times. Ellen refused to lie.No one ever explained to her No telling the trueth is lying!

Diana called and threatened mom if I returned to Luther College Sept.2014 Diana would come to Iowa and force mom into a nursing home or take her against her will to Granbury Texas.

I stepped out of Luther College mom came to me in tears begging me to do what I always did stay with mom. This had to piss the snot out of the family bully that I value mom more then my degree. But then Diana heard mom say no all the time and never heard mom!

Diana came in October 2014 removed my front door lock to seal in the heat trying to stop the pike organ effect we her over the door every winter from the loss of hot air. Then threatened mom EXACTLY the way Ellen threatened mom in 1978.

Mom loved to sing like she loved WHO talk radio.Ellen was drunk and told mom one of the things that always gave mom Great joy singing mad her ears bleed!

Mom no longer would sing anywhere Ellen was .Mom endured after my half sistrrs set fire mom has not being able to sing due to the toxic smoke. I will forever recall her words ‘ You have No BUSINESS HAVING DOORS THAT LOCK, YOU HAVE NOTHING OF VALUE!!!!!!!’

My mom in her 50’s and 87. I have not been allowed to talk to mom for a year. Diana in the closet Diana put mom’s room her phone calls are scanned! When will people wisen up and see what Narcississ are and the damage they do to us that are just allowed to suffer and endure?

When is enough;, enough? When will people actually see the scum thats in front of their face? I’m tired of waiting for my blood sister to standup and shout ‘Your lying!!!'”

Gaslighting is a specialty of hers.( Diana’s) December 2nd a Priest came to talk to us about protections against Diana. Next night 24 hours away,Bang we had a fird our our UNLOCKED front foor in an electric drier.

Fireman in Decirah Iowa stated electric drier fires are RARE they omly make up 2% if an American laundry room fires. Diana use to brag she could get to Waukon Iowa from Grambury Texas in 8 hours. Diana murdered moms cat too. Other cats made it safely out of the fire.

Moms cat was always the first cat out any door if you doubt this talk to Pat Zidlicky of Postville, Iowa.

Safe weekend.

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My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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