Granbury Texas

Trash lives with in your town she stole my good name with lies and my ability to talk to my mom and since January 2015 twice a day she places twice a week places over the counter pain packs on our now 91 year old mom. A member of the Greatest generation brow beat gaslight […]


I think of that song from White Christmas my sisters rom birth are Nothing like that! One lied me on to Elder abuse so she could force our mom into her hands where mom{an independant intelligent woman could be controlled vie Gaslighting in an enviroment like exactlty like Stockholm syndrone.} The other one knowing her […]

How does one forget?

Does it happen all the time? Is it legal to use family to force your family to simply stop acknowleging innocent family members? Is this done daily? It happened to me. No one raised an eye brow they simply allowed the lies to murder a gay family member this is a mondern day hate crime. […]

There are those I supose! There are those!

Quote from a song from Disney’s the happiest millianaire all star including Fred Mc Murry,Tommy Steele, and Leslie Ann Warner to name just a few. See two older women were debating the konds of people in the world. The one an older actress did not want her grandniece assorting with John Davidsons people in case […]

How does a christian family throw away a family member who is innocent of harming anyone.

Its a simple reciepe all you need is a gifted liar. A narcississ apt in twisting the truth . Taining the truth with diabolical thought out lies. Vicious like vipers ready to rip to streads those they know are innicent.Taking hate of ones father pining that on an innocent gay daughter. Not one if the […]


Weird stupid ideas! Orange the color of satan Come on! I was sitting at the train station in Calmar Iowa a friend of a friend was with my friend and me. Carol’s the woman’s name sometimes she prepetuates narcississist tendancies or just a bully. Seems odd to me I get great purpose from Youtube. How […]