There comes a time

Young money matters more then what you do.No more! No more! I’m a writer. I’m a assit. Know antiques. How to buy , look for good deals. Monitor staff.Walk with a cane.

Love talking to people. My time might not be money I hope it will be one day. I’m Awesome with animals. Good hearted not as patient as before 2012. Hard working lesbian. Need a job good paying need a lower plate and way to move to Montena.

Love country n mountains fishing awesome care taker. Love older ladies. Touch is with a smile with heart. Sixty one thats my age.

I’m sore, hurt distroyed crippled by lies. Only family I got are adopted by me. I got me a black cat and a good hearted black women.

Heart and 99% smile that’s my lady names Darlene.Her smile tickles me a thousand miles away out west.

There comes a time we seek an old love. A heart as big as my Virginia and a hand in mine . No one can live off air. I want an agent published a farm and sixty acreas wind and solar powered. No more Aliant energy and my Darlene naked in our bed .

Warmth if her smile as I read Mary Higgens Clark or Janet Evanovich books I read on my youtube channle Val Whitewolf Media.

Darlene going to be my home. Why employ a lesbian well we never want your wife or your husband an employee that’s loyal trust worthy Honorable and baby a dead shot. Best cook in Iowa.

Love the smell of fresh cut hay. Watching new fouls frolic, talking to cows and them talking back. Not a city girl.

Night got to read and go to chair. Night you’ll!

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media Youtube Channle

My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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