I read

What do I mean when I say I read? I’m not a flash Im just me a writer content builder. I’m by no means perfect.I’m allowed to fail because I’m just Val.

The one thing I love thats engraved within me.Let me put it this way have you ever saw a wood carver.Wood carvers believe that the work of art is in the stump waiting to get out.

Writting for me us thought felt in my gut awaiting to be written down.Writing and reading are things or skills I love sharring.I learn to read at 9. Its a gift.

Reading on Youtube allows me to hear other masters thoughts.Reading as a writer as an entrepreneur I develope the ability like a scholar to grow.

Not being someone who is a poser I laugh and cry come and hear me. As a thespian reading allows me to be on my small stage. I hope others to hear me and want to return. I want writes to learn hearing words through my heart.

Reading the end of Charlie and the chocolate factory I cried.I’m an empath and I believe writers need to be real.

Emotions are real. I laugh out loud if tickled. Reading is not a job.I get knowledge skill set how to write better. I can over excite my communiy by writing more then sex.

When females friends call me and Im reading or writing ‘Nothing is more important then my job.’ I’m my toughest boss. J have worked management the clock never controlled me when there was a job to perform.

Bet you are thinking, but Val you said you were not getting paid. Yes I am paid not a monitary value. Was sent a mystery shop today.

The mystery shop pays $24. I have not seen a movie at the theater for what six years. The mystery shop is see a movie at the Viking theater in Decorah,Iowa. I have not the time no money laying around for a movie.

This morning I was a sleep at 1 amI stop reading because I can no longer articulate. Or Im falling asleep reading.After 2 and a half hours Im up again reading. Anyone who wants in my life need to know Im climbing out of poverty.

I hate going places looking like a poverty stricken person I want to work and help others until I die. I want people who threw me away to regret or remember who I am not the lies told aboult me.

That probally will never happen but Im not concern finally that they miss me.My family forgot my heart. I can not read or write without heart.

I get me up. I studder over words at 330 am . Come and hear me at Val Heike You Tube. I might make you think or feel. I might make you want to write or read. Right now Om earing Evan motivation on one smart phone while I write. I start and read 10 books a week.

For real at sixty I’m back in the shop remaking me.Still not allowed to talk to my mom.Still no lawyer to sue for slander with maluce the woman my half sister who lite our home on 🔥 while mom 86 and I 56 watched TV. Only one smoke alarm in 5 had a battery it was downstairs.

But right now I’m writing and reading.Hoping I can sell my story and save mom like with wordpress and Youtube I saved me.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media Youtube Channle

My Youtube is Val's Whitewolf Media. I read books and do commentary. When I have a camera I expand my reach community wise.

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